Dazhen Yang

May 5, 2021

2 min read

Media Assignment- Start a career as a fashion blogger

This is a prototype of interactive video for players to act as a female college student who just started her career as a fasion blogger. She could choose to invest or improve skills to gain followers and earn money.

I am inspired from the paper, “Having it All” on Social Media: Entrepreneurial Femininity and Self-Branding Among Fashion Bloggers. In the digital age, here are these new types of work with certain features and new experiences. Since being a fashion blogger has low entry threshold, many young people would record their life and talk to the camera, then share on social platforms. There are plenty of chances for them to earn money. Therefore, besides the paper, I also searched top 30 popular videos about fashion or life and hottest bloggers to find their common topics shared. About more details about blogger’s life and work, I watched Caitlin Bea’s video about her working one day, which conveys that she would collabrate with some clothes fashion brands, and put purchase links in her posts of daily outfit to earn money. After she accumulated certain amount of audiences, her daily life could arouse people’s interests, which indicates that how fashion bloggers choose their topics and content in different phases is of great importance. And How I Make Over $30,000 A Month Blogging by Sophia Lee introduced more pratical skills to earn more blogging.

I referred to the Uber Driver game’s interaction and interface to design the logic and UI. On each page, date, number of follewers and amount of money would be shown, and choices could be clicked leading to different branches of development of plots. With different choices, players could see numbers changed, which to some extent show their strategy’s effect. I tried to provide more factors that a new fashion blogger might take into account, and speculate the result of each branch. For example, players who choose to buy a new camera in the beginning might take better photos of daily outfits which could help them to gain more followers. But these could not help them to gain profits in a short period of time. They still need to improve their skills to meet more opportunities.

Try this link for the prototype made by Figma: