Dazhen Yang

Nov 17, 2020

2 min read

Mess map about design during the pandemic

The final project is to discuss about the COVID-19, so I started by thinking about problems I have met during the pandemic.Two main categories are more time and less space. And having more time staying at home enables people to accompany families and play on their phones. Family time is happy, especially when we could cook dishes and hotpot together. But it could also be a distraction, which makes people unable to focus on study or work. Also, we have taken many online courses. Combining these two questions, methods to enhance effiency and facilitate work could be designed.

mess map to find topic

Another potential design I found after making this mess map is games during the pandemic. Many people bought Switch during the pandemic to play Animal Crossing with friends and Just Dance to keep fit. And many spent time on games to relax and socialize with others.

The last thought about vlog during the pandemic is one of my most interested perspective, cause I had plenty of time to edit video and tried to be a vlogger that time. Also, I found parents tend to like recording and sharing their life in this way.

So a tool for new vloggers to pick topic and learn about video editting might help. Also big data for vloggers to analyse visitors’ data would encourage them to produce more videos with high quality.

I used AEIOU method of design to wrote some key words around activities, environments, interactions, objects and users.

Full mess map made by kumu