Pre-Thesis Week 1: Brainstorming

On last week’s class, the excersize helped me to clarify the main topic that I am interested in to disscuss in my thesis. First, the three topics in my mind are: alogia, intelligent communicating era, and Mars travel. The second step is to visualize them with four main dimensionality. At the beginning, it seems difficult to visualize or prototype these abstract concept. But according to characters and feelings related to these words, I had three drawings in the left of the picture below. Finally, we need to hybrid these three topics into one entity, which means to combine the three metaphors and visualize this hybrid. Therefore, I integrate these scenes or objects into one, which shows in the right of the picture below.

Brainstrom Exersize

During the process to create the final hybrid, I have thought of the relations between the 3 concepts, and find main theme, which makes thoughts clear. Alogia is the topic that I focus on, and I find that Intelligent Communicating could be one factor causing Alogia. To state it more clearly, here Alogia does not only mean the pathology. It is more like a state of mind, which could happen under pressure, or when words lost the exact function to express rich and delicate feelings and thoughts. Likely, now people sometimes say themselves autistic with self-mockery, to indicate their depressed emotion. In China, these words are popular on the social media, and I sometimes suffer from it under employment, academic or social pressure, which inspire me to design an interactive media for people to cure from autistic state.

To further clear the contemporary alogia mind state, after the class, I talked to friends and thought of scenes with alogia or autistic state:

And I created the brainstorm mind map organize things related to the main theme.



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