Pre-Thesis Week 12: Primary Research

  1. Wechat include many functions that they need for the daily life, so it is difficult to stop using it. And it could cause distraction sometimes. When they want to check some new messages from work, new post in the Comment or other shared posts or news from friends would catch their eyes, and sometimes they just forgot the original purpose to open the social media platfrom.
  2. They would wait for likes and comments after posting in the comments function. This might because they need these to realize their social identity.
  3. Forwarded news or articles from their parents mostly caused misinformation and anxiety.
  1. Seldom worry about young people’s overuse of social media.
  2. It’s happy to have this convenient way to contact their children who study or work away from home.
  3. They always forwarded some articles about staying healthy and becoming a successful person to their children.
  1. We engage to make Wechat concise and simple, and we do not calculate users’ usage time.
  2. We want the functions to include users’ needs in the daily life. They could easily pay, read news and use tiny applications inside Wechat without installing more APPs in their phone. This could help their life be more efficient.
  1. Teenager mode could restrict teenagers’ social media usage time every week, and they could not use these APPs after 9 p.m. so that we could ensure their sleep quality and mental health.
  2. Teenagers only protect young people age under 18. People aged over 18 have the freedom to use these social media websites, but they need to be responsible for their own physical and mental health.
Interview Takeaways
Survey Result
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Which one best describes how you feel on the social media?




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IDM student

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