Pre-Thesis Week 7: Presentation and Discussion

Thoughts from classmates
  1. One key insight is that FoMO on social media platform lead to depressive emotions.
  2. An example of a connection I’ve made so far that I was unaware of since my last presentation is that FoMO along with other negative emotions are generated by intenal and external factors, including content-oriented, persons’ own characteristics, and emotion contagion.
  3. One idea that I’ve had to discard is my original topic about autism and aphasia among young people on social media platform, cause through research, I found that only Chinese young people would use these words related to disease to discribe their feelings. But they are not the true and general circumstance. The essence of the problem of negative emotions.
  4. What I feel cannot be answered by reading so far that I really need to use fieldwork or making to explore more thoroughly is whether users thought Wechat is the social platform is the one that brings them most negative feelings. Since it’s my own thoughts that Wechat affect my moods negatively, I need more research and cases to test such a closed environment of family members and close friend would have negative impact on young people’s mental health.




IDM student

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Dazhen Yang

Dazhen Yang

IDM student

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